At eSight, we are making blindness history. We’ve recently developed a breakthrough technology: electronic glasses that allow people who are legally blind to actually see. eSight is a fast growing company and we’re looking to expand our team. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a company that makes people’s lives better in a tangible way and is primed for meteoric growth.

  • Food, snacks and beverages to fuel your passion for the mission

  • A workplace designed for collaboration and creativity

  • Celebrations (we will never miss a birthday or a big organizational success)

  • Jeffrey Fenton

    Director of Outreach and Communications

    “ eSight is, without question, one of the most rewarding workplaces to be a part of. You get to think big, learn a ton, and wrap yourself in one of the most special missions on the planet: to help the legally blind see with a revolutionary technology. ”

  • Michael Warshafsky

    Manager and Vision Advocate

    “ A once in a lifetime career opportunity to develop and distribute a breakthrough technology that changes lives. ”

  • Sonja Petersen

    Clinical Field Specialist

    “ I love this opportunity to help people, seeing how it changes their lives! My daughter has ocular and cutaneous Albinism and has nystagmus - she is my passion and driving force to help and educate as many people as I can about eSight. ”